公司介绍 Company Profile


       Established in 2003, Jordons MEP Engineering Shanghai Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive trade service company with main business of imported industrial products distribution, technical consulting and serving. We supply high-quality industrial equipments from all over the world,and have professional technical staffs who sepcifically focus on providing full range services for customers, such as engineering related technical consultation, scheme optimization, product consultation, product integration, engineering technical service and system integration and so on. As an intelligence-intensive, technology-intensive and hi-tech company, till now, we have obtained the certificate for enterprises Following contract and Observing credit granted by Shanghai Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau, contract credit Class AAA certificate issued by Shanghai Contract Credit Promotion Commission, and the honorary title of The Integrity- Management Advanced Unit of Shanghai. We comply with E-315:9000 international credit administration system standard.


        Our company mainly serves the key national construction industries such as Chemical Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Liquefied Natural Gas Industry, Marine Industry, etc. Since our inception, we have started to build an effective management system and a talent team with the principle of “Profession, Dedication and Specialty” and “Trustworthiness, Integrity management and Dedication service.”


        Sticking to the basic idea of “integrity management and dedication service”, we have established an outstanding technical business team that follows our company values, masters advanced technology, and maintains integrity and dedication. We set high standards, master advanced technology, and keep continuous improvement of the overall quality of the teamwork in a harmonious and competitive atmosphere. The competitiveness of JORDONS comes from the overall quality of each employee and the comprehensive management level of the enterprise. Since the day of our foundation, we have been attaching great importance to establishing and improving all aspects of the management system and procedure, so as to ensure a standard and orderly workflow to provide our customers with satisfactory and developing technology.